Empowering Future Leaders with DECA


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Currently employed by the Oregon City School District, Rhea C. Ledda teaches high school business/marketing. Rhea C. Ledda holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Willamette University, Salem, Oregon and a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Concordia University, Portland, Oregon with a dual endorsement in Business & Health and CTE in Marketing. Always looking for ways to support and empower youth, as an educator and former business owner, Rhea C. Ledda also serves as a DECA Advisor.

With over 215,000 members both nationwide and internationally, DECA is a nonprofit organization active in both high schools and colleges. By sponsoring competitive events, conferences and scholarships, DECA has impacted over 10 million students, educators, and other professionals in its 70-year history. It seeks to aid students in many different fields of study, including business management, entrepreneurship, marketing, hospitality, and finance.

DECA is also a leader in classroom advocacy, supporting educational initiatives to address different learning styles and to instruct teachers on new technology and techniques. They offer seminars discussing project-based learning, Common Core and 21st-century skills, making the classroom a more inclusive and immersive place.

Each year, over $300,000 in scholarships are given to high school and college students through DECA sponsors, to include Journeys, Marriott Hotels, and Walgreens.

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